Some links to other important election issues we haven’t covered

Animal Rights and Welfare

Political parties have different policies in all sorts of areas, and animal issues are no exception. Some parties don’t even have an animal welfare policy at all. This makes it hard to know what party will do the most to improve the lives of animals in New Zealand.

To make it as easy as possible for you to know, animal rights organisation SAFE asked all the political parties what their stand was on a variety of animal issues. They’ve summarised the responses and given them a score out of a possible of 26.


Voting for education means backing parties and candidates who'll do the work to make our education system great.

The New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI) surveyed Labour, Greens, National, NZ First, Māori Party, MANA, ACT and TOP to see what they had to say about the top seven issues for education.

Keep these responses in mind when you're thinking about where to put your vote – especially that crucial party vote.

Youth Policy

Ara Taiohi - the peak body for youth development in Aotearoa have used the five dimensions of the Global Youth Development Index to organise the dimensions of each party's policy framework that defines their approach to young people. These are: Education Health and WellbeingEmployment and Opportunity Political Participation Civic Participation.


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