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Broadcasting, Arts & Culture

Vision: We have independent, diverse and inclusive public broadcasting, media, arts and culture that contribute to a healthy and robust democracy and to our collective well-being as a country.

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a. Sustain a robust autonomous (with independence from political or commercial influence) public broadcasting and media service that effectively holds power to account, and supports healthy democratic debate.

b. Ensure adequate public investment in public interest media and broadcasting in the form of sufficient and sustainable funding that is not vulnerable to political or commercial demands.

c. Ensure inclusiveness through diverse content, perspectives, and ideas connected to communities in a range of accessible formats and platforms.

d. Recognise, measure and document the role that participation in arts, culture and creativity plays in our collective well-being, and invest more money in the sector, supporting a diverse, accessible and culturally relevant range of emerging and established art and culture actors and institutions.

e. Support sustainable careers for people working in arts and culture, including in the provinces, through funded arts apprenticeships, mentorships and income support like the former Pathways to Arts and Employment Scheme*

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